If you've used Yelp, you know that not every review can be trusted. Sure studies show that 20-30% of Yelp reviews are completely fake - written by venue owners and outsourced freelancers in the Philippines for $1 a pop. But we wont go there...

The majority of Yelp reviews are prooobably written by real people, but who are these people? Yelp themselves once said that less than 10% of users actually write reviews. Can these people be trusted?

Obviously we're a little biased against Yelp, but remember - we've been through every nightlife venue in New York City ourselves. We've seen it all. Our only goal is to provide impartial, relevant information to help you answer the question, "Where should we go tonight?"

Now on to the good stuff. Welcome to our newest monthly series - Unhelpful Reviews From Sometimes Real People.